Tired Of Wisdom

Not willingly to present a single dimension within their work as their experience and influences are multi-dimensional. Tired of Wisdom stretches and manipulates their creative instincts to present honest reflections on diverse stories represented through their music.

In 2019 they released their debut album, 'Anywhere But Here' in which each song is a story of growing up between ages 16 and 23. The diversity of the compositions reflect the various phases of growing and forming identity.

Ancient Animal Orchestra

Ancient Animal Orchestra transports audiences beyond their immediate surroundings to places of nature and entrancement. Inspired by natural soundscapes, they immerse audiences in a blend of blissful music and storytelling, all in their bid to expand the realms of folk and improvised genres.


Thomas Waltrich Solo

Inspired by solo drummers like Tony Buck, Simon Barker, David Jones and Will Guthrie in 2015 Thomas Waltrich set himself the challenge to perform solo. Incorporating random found materials and physical conditioning to create soundscapes and cascading rhythms that emerge from nothing and dissipate into nothingness.


The product of 10 years of artistic exploration. Leaving the shadows of expectation and doubt and finding redemption through music and creativity. Become part of a journey unfolding.

Blooming has a voice capable of transporting you to faraway places. Blending his Alt-Folk style of songwriting with soaring, ethereal vocals his music has continued to expand with the addition of a full band.

Listening locations (Spotify, Bandcamp, Unearthed etc): https://linktr.ee/bloomingmusic