Tired Of Wisdom

No more dreaming, time for creating.

Ancient Animal Orchestra

Ancient Animal Orchestra performs original folk music with a wide range of influences, spanning post-rock, African, jazz and experimental. Inspired by natural soundscapes, the four members immerse audiences in their blend of guitar, vocals, drums, violin, trombone, junk percussion and kalimbas. The band formed in Melbourne with the intention of pushing the boundaries of folk music, while remaining inclusive and inviting to all.


Thomas Waltrich Solo

Inspired by solo drummers like Tony Buck, Simon Barker, David Jones and Will Guthrie in 2015 Thomas Waltrich set himself the challenge to perform solo. Incorporating random found materials and physical conditioning to create soundscapes and cascading rhythms that emerge from nothing and dissipate into nothingness.


The product of 10 years of artistic exploration. Leaving the shadows of expectation and doubt and finding redemption through music and creativity. Become part of a journey unfolding.

Blooming has a voice capable of transporting you to faraway places. Blending his Alt-Folk style of songwriting with soaring, ethereal vocals his music has continued to expand with the addition of a full band.

Listening locations (Spotify, Bandcamp, Unearthed etc): https://linktr.ee/bloomingmusic