Originating from humble beginnings in a garage in Melbourne to touring internationally and recording professionally, Thomas Waltrich is a highly demanded musician, composer, producer and educator. 

Known for his intense performance energy and artistic sensibilities, Thomas Waltrich enables the artists he works with to realise the full potential of their visions. The diversity of his experience ranging from pop singer-songwriters, experimental bands, punk and expressionist groups has allowed him to craft his artistry embracing the weird and wonderful. Seeking to push his physical limitations as a musician to expand his spectrum for compositional decisions.

After studying at Monash University, Thomas Waltrich taught in Berlin, toured throughout Germany and Denmark whilst composing Tired Of Wisdom's debut album, 'Anywhere But Here'. Then returned to Melbourne to focus on original bands, Tired Of Wisdom and Ancient Animal Orchestra, whilst recording and touring with other original acts. 

The desire for authenticity drives the ethos of Thomas' musicality. Composing music with unclear genres (a huge marketing pain :P), navigating physical limitations of the drums and voice, and the use of various microphone techniques when recording. The intention is to capture music honestly, embracing the humanity and avoiding the shortcuts offered by technology in exchange for "perfection". All to create music that can be performed without relying on technology to execute it.